Scarecrow week voted wizard idea

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AN East Neuk village has come up with an ex-straw-ordinary idea.

Elie Fayre Day Group plans to hold a scarecrow week, where residents are invited to design their very own stuffed companion and display it in their garden, on their roof, or in front of their shop.

Organisers insist the point of the four-day festival, to take place at the May 4 holiday weekend, is all about having some fun and getting people to flock to the village for a look around.

A programme, and a map, for visitors to find their way around, is to be created and all the scarecrows on display will be given a score with the one judged the best winning a prize.

Peter Wilson, Elie Fayre Day Group chairman, said he would definitely be taking part and was looking forward to coming up with imaginative ideas with his grandchildren.

He added: “In addition to running the Fayre Day, for a number of years we have organised other activities including the fireworks, Santa’s visit and we usually organise a local talent event but this year we thought we might try something different.

“We came across the scarecrow festival elsewhere and we thought it would give the people of Elie some fun and also attract some people and that might also help local businesses.

“We floated the idea before Christmas and everyone around the village seemed to think it was a good idea.

“We hope people use their imagination and don’t just see it as scarecrows you might see in a field as the thing that excites me is the imagination people might put into it.

“We’ve even suggested that as Elie has a lot of holiday homes, people who might be coming up for the May holiday could bring a scarecrow with them.”

If you want to join in, tell Carol in the Fruitbasket, or Peter Wilson on before February 29.