Scots spend up to £50 in the airport whilst flights are delayed

With the busy summer travel season approaching, a survey has revealed how much flight delays set Scottish holidaymakers back whilst held up in the airport, and exactly what they spend their money on.

The travel experts at airFair have discovered that 51 per cent of Scots would spend up to £50 in the airport whilst delayed.

Results have also shown that 11 per cent of those surveyed spend up to £100 to keep themselves entertained.

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Food appeared to be the main source of expenditure amongst Scots when forced to endure delays, with 66 per cent confessing to splurging on sweet and savoury treats.

In addition to this, 24 per cent of Scots would spend money on duty free goods when held up. Females represented the majority of the 24 per cent, with 29 per cent of males selecting the same option.

Other areas of spending saw 22 per cent choosing to pass the time by spending money on alcohol, and 12 per cent on clothing and accessories; whereas the survey revealed Scots wouldn’t treat themselves to spa and beauty pampering whilst delayed.

airFair’s Rahul Sharma said: “The survey results reveal that Scots spend money on the necessities when delayed as opposed to indulging on the finer things. Experiencing a delay at the airport is never pleasant and can result in an unexpected cost that many haven’t budgeted for.

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“These expenditures no matter how big or small can soon add up when a family is travelling together, or if a regular traveller is delayed multiple times in the year.

“Therefore, passengers should always launch a compensation claim when they are delayed for more than three hours to get back money that they are rightfully owed.”

EU regulation states that passengers are entitled to compensation if a flight is delayed by more than three hours from an airport which resides in the European Union or was en-route to an EU member state.

Compensation claims can be submitted from as early as in the departure lounge via the airFair App which is free to download from the App Store on iOS and Android. Claims can also be submitted online at

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