Shelter with no roof!

RESIDENTS have hit out at Fife Council after a bus shelter damaged in July remains without a roof, more than six months on.

The shelter, at Glen Bruar Place, was destroyed last year after the bus which stops at it - the K3 route in the town - went into it and damaged the canopy.

However, after months enduring rain and snow with no cover, residents are hitting out at how long it has taken the Council to fix the shelter.

One resident told the Press: “How long will it take?

“I know the country has been in a recession, but waiting all this time is a bit crazy.

“Someone is needing to wake up and take responsibility for getting this job done.”

Bill Liddle, lead officer for roads and lighting response in mid-Fife, told the Press that the issue wasn’t reported to the Council until October, but that work would get underway as soon as possible.

He said: “I’ve been assured that, weather permitting, the bus stop will be repaired by the end of the week, but would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused to residents.

“The issue with the roof of the bus stop in Glen Bruar Place was first reported to us in October.

“We placed an order for a repair with our contractor but due to problems with sourcing materials and the onset of the bad weather in late November the work was not carried out.”