Sleep study reveals Scots' bad bedtime habits

A new survey has revealed which bad bedtime habits Scots are guilty of.

In the wake of an article published by The Times - which explored the various problems associated with taking our phones to bed - the home furniture providers from OWO Living asked 500 Scots to admit to their bad bedtime habits.

While excessive tech time took the top spot, respondents also confessed to irregular sleeping patterns and the temptation to snack before snoozing.

Getting into bed with the enemy

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Close to half of all voters admitted that they spend too much time on digital devices at bedtime - with 62% of 45-54 year old men and 59% of 25-34 year old women making this particular confession.

For almost a third of those surveyed, irregular bedtimes proved to be the thing disturbing their sleeping pattern.

Eat, snooze, repeat

While 39% of 18-24 year olds can’t resist a last-minute midnight feast, just 8% of 55-64 year olds said they felt the urge to indulge before bed.

It’s not just food habits that are causing problems, either - with 18% of Scots falling foul to the dreaded snooze alarm.

Decaf versus duvets

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With an unexpected heatwave descending on the UK recently, it’s not surprising unsuitable duvets are being blamed for nights of unsettled sleep - something Scots can relate to, as just under a fifth said they fail to choose the right tog for the weather.

14% of all respondents confessed to succumbing to caffeine in the evenings, potentially sacrificing sleep in favour of a bedtime beverage.

Whether they’re slaves to their digital devices or simply can’t resist a supper-time snack, it’s clear that Scots across the nation are losing sleep.

Which of these bad bedtime habits do you have?

Too much late-night tech time: 44.8%

Irregular bedtimes: 31.2%

Eating just before bed: 19.0%

Setting too many snooze alarms: 18.3%

Not changing duvets to suit the seasons: 18.1%

Caffeine in the evenings: 14.3%

Other: 0.15%