Slow down and make Fife safer

Police road speed vehicle in Fife Safety Camera Partnership
Police road speed vehicle in Fife Safety Camera Partnership

Safety cameras are used across Scotland as part of an ongoing road safety strategy to reduce the number and severity of road casualties.

The Partnership is funded by a Scottish Government grant, through the Scottish Safety Camera Programme, and all revenue from fines is paid to HM Treasury.

Andy Jones, Fife Safety Camera Partnership manager, explains: “The Partnership operates an intelligence-led casualty reduction strategy that is responsive to information collected from ‘speed monitoring’ and ‘casualty and collision’ data.

“By deploying mobile safety camera units at sites that have accrued a casualty and collision history, the Partnership aims to encourage drivers to slow down.

“Inappropriate speed is recognised as a factor in a significant number of road deaths, and young and inexperienced drivers are particularly at risk.

“The New Drivers Act is a sort of two-year probationary period and we want to encourage new and young drivers to build their driving experience in a safe way by slowing down.”

Remember – three penalty points and a £60 fine is the minimum penalty for a speeding offence.

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