Speeding habits revealed

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More than half of motorists admit to breaking the speed limit on a regular basis, and most feel no guilt about it, a new survey has revealed.

The poll, by online car leasing firm CentralContracts.com, asked drivers to detail their speeding habits, with 56 per cent admitting to regularly flaunting limits.

Men were the biggest speed demons with 61 per cent saying their regularly drove above the limit, compared to just over a third of women.

They were also more likely to face the force of the law with 51 per cent of males polled having been prosecuted for speeding compared to less than a quarter of women.

Motorists are most likely to speed on roads with a 70mph limit. Roads which had a 30mph limit were also popular with speeders (26 per cent) as were 60mph limits (23 per cent).

A spokesman from CentralContracts.com said, “We all know people who drive too quickly but the fact that more than half of drivers on the roads regularly speed and do so care free is a real surprise.

“Men were more likely to speed and be prosecuted for doing so than women. It seems that in many cases the stereotypical boy racer image still fits.”

Although nearly all respondents said they’d think again about speeding if laws were tightened, drivers are still willing to risk a fine or three point penalty.