Spooked in the secret bunker, who you gonna call?

The ghosts who haunt Scotland's Secret Bunker seem to have stirred .. just in time for the remake of Ghostbusters hitting the big screens around the UK!

Thursday, 14th July 2016, 8:19 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 8:27 pm
Now you see it ... a 'ghostly apparition'

The former underground nuclear command centre near St Andrews has long been the subject of reported spooky goings-on.

And with the re-booted, all-female version of the original 19084 hit film starring Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and Dan Ackroyd set for its Scottish release this weekend, it seems the sound of Ray Parker Junior’s famous soundtrack has caught their attention.

The centre, near St Andrews, has claimed a spate of apparent paranormal activity recently.

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Now you don't ... no ghost, no slime...

Last month it logged photos of apparitions, an incident in which a woman fainted, and apparent connections with several spirits have had visitors and paranormal experts scratching their heads.

Thankfully neither they, nor any visitors were slimed as happened in the original movie ...

The snaps show a presence in one image but not the other taken directly before it, and two figures are seen at the end of the long corridor that forms the entry to the bunker.

And since returning home to Carlisle, visitor Matthew Pattison, who took the pics, says things have continued to go bump in the night.

Secret Bunker, Fife - ghost story

Objects have been moved in their bedroom and the battery on Matthew’s phone, bought just two weeks prior to the visit, is permanently low.

Spookbusters reckon this could be a case for the Ghostbusters.

They spoke of a women falling ill in the bunker’s dormitory and then fainting as some ghostbusting kit went off, and a man’s face was seen at the window - a pretty neat trick considering the bunker is 100 feet underground.

“I think there’s definitely something there, said Lis Tedstill, managing director of UK Ghost Nights and Scottish Ghost Nights.

Now you don't ... no ghost, no slime...

If you want to see the celluloid version, Ghostbusters opens in Scotland this weekend.

If you want to see the ‘real thing’ then Scottish Ghost Nights have already booked the attraction for two more events in December.

Secret Bunker, Fife - ghost story