St Andrews Citizen helps reunite family

An emotional big brother thanked the St Andrews Citizen this week for helping reunite him with his long-lost brother and sister.

Roy Thomson has spent the last two weeks catching up with the twin siblings he hadn’t seen since they were brought to St Andrews and adopted in 1968 following the death of their mother.

Unable to track them down through official records, Roy contacted the Citizen to ask about placing a small advert in the paper requesting information to help trace the pair.


Citizen receptionist Karen Barnett immediately realised that putting all of Roy’s heartbreaking story in the paper might be more helpful and it duly appeared on the front page six weeks ago.

The story was eventually picked up by the daily press and Roy was recently reunited with the brother and sister he hadn’t seen since they were just a year old.

“If it hadn’t been for the receptionist at the Citizen none of this might have happened,” Roy explained.

“I was only looking to take out a small ad to ask for help to find them but she told me the Citizen might be able to do more and it ended up on the front page.

“I’m so grateful I could kiss her!”

Since reuniting, the family have discovered some remarkable coincidences that could have led to them all meeting up earlier.

The twins visited Kelty to try and trace their other brother Paul who, unlike Roy, was named in their adoption file. When they were told Paul no longer lived in Kelty, the twins left - completely unaware they had another, older brother living there, desperate to make contact with them.

“It’s incredible to think they must have driven past my house,” Roy said.

“They were looking for Paul but he hasn’t lived here for years. I was here but they didn’t know to look for me as I’m not mentioned anywhere in the adoption file.”

So as well as catching up with a whole new branch of his family, including eight new nieces and nephews, Roy has contacted his local MSP to see if anything can be done to stop a similar situation arising again.

Roy added: “In this day and age people should be able to track down family members if they are entitled to do so. There will be people in the same position I was in and that can’t be right.

“I’m just so grateful things have worked out for me, I can hardly believe I actually found them.”