St Andrews postman retiring after 40 years

George Christie is retiring after 40 years.
George Christie is retiring after 40 years.

Residents in St Andrews might notice an unfamiliar face delivering their mail later this month.

That is because George Christie, who has been a postman in north east Fife for 40 years, will be retiring on October 11, the day he turns 65.

For the last four decades George has delivered post across the area, from Newburgh to Anstruther, making friends and seeing the region change.

His current patch takes in large portions of St Andrews, covering Hepburn Gardens, Buchanan Gardens, Lawhead Road and more.

George says the job has changed “considerably” since he started on July 10, 1978 – back then he was delivering telegrams as well.

The St Andrews native, who was born at Craigtoun and attended Madras, was turned down when he first applied to be a postman.

“I didn’t get the job,” he explained. “Then, about two weeks later, they phoned me up – they thought I was someone else.

“They apologised and said I’d get the next job when it came along.”

He did get that next job, and now, 40 years later, he is preparing to retire, looking forward to getting to spend more time gardening and golfing.

While George says the job has changed – and ‘not for the better’ – he admits he will miss one thing about the role.

“I’ll miss the people I deliver to,” he said, “and I think they’ll miss me as well, because I’ve done them a few favours over the years.

“I actually play golf with a few of them now.”