St Andrews ‘rules’ man goes from end to end!

David Rickman at John O' Groats.
David Rickman at John O' Groats.

R and A “Rules Man” David Rickman was prepared for some aches and pains or a bruise or two when he agreed to take on the challenge of cycling from Lands End to John OGroats.

But having completed the near 900 mile treck in just nine days, his body reacted somewhat differently than he was expecting.

“Complete exhaustion, that what I felt once it was all over,” he told the Citizen this week.

“Physically there wasn’t much up with me but, for four days afterwards, I just had to rest and recuperate.

‘‘By going public with the cycle I managed to raise a lot more money but I think it put a bit more pressure on myself to complete it and it was only really towards the end that went away.”

The entire trip was 885 miles, and by completing it David has raised more than £27,000 for the British Lung Foundation - a charity that means a lot to him personally after losing his dad, Professor Geoffrey Rickman, to lung disease last year.

He was in the saddle for around eight hours each day, heading north through every weather condition imaginable.

Strong winds, heavy rain and even the odd sleet shower ensured there was never a dull moment throughout the entire nine days although at one point illness forced David to take a free “lift and drop” in Glen Coe. He then cycled extra miles towards the end of the journey to ensure he had completed the required mileage for the trip.

It was very much a family occasion when he finally reached the finish line at John O’ Groats where his mum, wife and three daughters were all waiting to congratulate him.

“I was fortunate to ride though many beautiful parts of the UK that I had not seen before,” he explained.

“Nevertheless, it was a relief to roll into John O’Groats. And then after a few days of complete rest I was back in pretty good shape - although I must admit I haven’t been back on my bike yet.

“People have been so kind and generous that the total sponsorship raised is going to exceed £25,000, which is a fantastic amount - much more than I could ever have imagined.”