St Andrews set for annual Kate Kennedy Procession

Thousands turn out for the event. Pic: Peter Adamson.
Thousands turn out for the event. Pic: Peter Adamson.

Historical characters from around the world will parade through St Andrews this weekend, as the town hosts the Kate Kennedy Procession.

Kings, Queens, golfers and bishops will be among the 140 characters walking along the streets of the town, as thousands of students and residents gather to watch the procession.

The Kate Kennedy Procession has been a major part of the St Andrews calendar since 1926.

The procession traces its origins to the adoration by students of the niece of Bishop Kennedy, the founder of St Salvator’s College, the oldest in the university. This niece was Lady Katharine Kennedy, affectionately known as Kate, reputedly one of the fairest and most beautiful woman of her day.

Legend has it that Kate would come visit her uncle and she was idolized by students. As tradition dictates, Lady Kate is played by the most promising first-year member of the club.

This year she will be radiant in a new costume, so keep an eye out for her new gown.

As the Kate Kennedy Club looks to reinvigorate the procession each year, in addition to Kate’s new costume, this year’s procession will also come with the addition of two new characters – Marie De Guise, Queen of James V, and Bishop Robert, who laid out the town.

The popular annual event is Scotland’s oldest historic pageant.

The Kate Kennedy Procession will be leaving the gates of St Salvator’s Quad at 2pm tomorrow (Saturday).