Studio offers Fife bands EP opportunity

Andrew and Murray  Mackay at their new recording studio, S9 fifty studios
Andrew and Murray Mackay at their new recording studio, S9 fifty studios

A GLENROTHES recording studio is offering local bands the chance to make in-roads in the cut-throat world of the music industry, reports KEVIN QUINN.

S9 fifty studios on Whitehill Industrial Estate is ran by brothers Andrew and Murray Mackay. They, along with Creative Scotland and the YMCA, with funding from Cashback for Communities, are offering ten local bands the chance to record a free four-track EP, help with promotion and create original artwork for the release.

Andrew Mackay explained more about it and why he thinks such schemes are important to the local music scene.

He said: “It’s called the Fife Demo Project. And the aim of it is to find ten bands and offer them access to professional space and recording time here at S9 fifty.

“Each band will work with a professional design team to create their design. They will also go on workshops as well, setting them up with everything they need to get their music out there - like Soundcloud for downloads.

“Basically the idea is to help them promote the music not just record it.

“Fife’s always had a wealth of music talent. I think it’s amazing how much ability there is here. But although they have the talent, they are not in a position to access the facilities.

“They are passionate about their music, but they just don’t have the backing to make the most of it.”

S9 fifty’s facilities include a main performance area with separate recording booths, as well as three rehearsal rooms.

Andrew’s brother, Murray Mackay, explained that the Fife Demo Project will help more than local music acts, with Adam Smith students getting involved in the recordings.

He said: “The whole idea of the project is to try and put something together that took in all the organisations that are involved in music locally, like the YMCA.

“I think it’s good to connect these groups, so we are all working for the same goal.

“The college students are looking at building up contacts and getting experience, so this is ideal for them too by helping out on the recordings.”

The Mackay brothers, who have sound production and band logistics backgrounds, are the only full-time members of staff at their family-funded facility which they opened three years ago, with four volunteer engineers helping out.

To be eligible for the Fife Demo Project 2012, your band must be between the ages of 12 and 25, live in Fife and be writing your own material. The closing date for entries is 6 June. To apply, go to -