Survey says motorists unprepared for breakdown emergencies

An online survey carried out by Swinton car insurance, found that 52% of drivers do not keep a breakdown kit in their car for emergencies.

The poll, which surveyed motorists about their winter driving, also found that while a quarter of motorists admitted having car trouble during the winter season, more than half still do not carry basic breakdown supplies, such as a torch, water, or fuel.

Results showed that 69.7% of people who experience a breakdown are most likely to call their breakdown provider first, closely followed by 13.1% who would call their partner, and 8.1% who admitted that dad would be their first port of call during a crisis.

However, 75.8% of motorists were happy to report that they had never experienced a breakdown during the winter months.

78% of people surveyed said they thought you should step outside of the vehicle and stand away from traffic when your car breaks down.