The story continues for Wemyss novelist Pete

Author Peter Kinnear. Pic: WALTER NEILSON
Author Peter Kinnear. Pic: WALTER NEILSON

Coaltown of Wemyss local Peter Kinnear is hoping for even more success after the release of his second novel.

Peter saw his second book published online back in May and says it is already doing well.

Back in August 2011, the Mail spoke to Peter who had just seen his dream come true after his first-ever novel, ‘The Rawn Chronicles Book One: The Orrinn and the Black- sword’, was released on Amazon.

And now, the story of Prince Havoc Cromme continues in ‘The Rawn Chronicles Book Two: The Warlord and the Raiders’. Just like the first, Peter completed his second book in record time and isn’t stopping there

“I am working on expanding ‘Book Three: The Ancarryn and the Quest’ just now and hope to have that published around Christmas/New Year time. I also have three prequels’ written and most of a trilogy that is a sequel to the Rawn Chronicles.”

Peter admits he has been shocked at the amount of interest in the novels.

“I was surprised to learn they are selling well in both the UK and USA. Even though twriting is just my hobby, it feels good to know people are enjoying my work.”