The true Feelgood factor ...

John Murray’s weekly music round-up - from rock legends to the Big Stooshie

Leading from the front with a wall of sound from one guitar was Wilko Johnson ably assisted by the best blues vocals to emerge from Canvey Island in the form of Lee Brilleaux.

All Through The City (EMI) with Wilko 1974 – 1977 remasters the first four albums and offers some rarities and a DVD. Formed in 1971 it was the early singles Roxette (1974) and She Does It Right (1975) that built up the following even before Back In The Night became a rock dance floor hit.

They would tackle anything though from John Lee Hooker’s blues original Boom Boom to rock covers like Bonie Maronie and Johnny B Goode and several versions of Riot In Cell Block No. 9. The included DVD has some live television appearances, some festival footage from 1975 and a rare band interview.

Their big chart successes came after Wilko left the group and Lee died of cancer in 1994 meaning the reunion never took place. Today none of the originals tour but the name lives on and perhaps through these releases new fans will experience the energy of those early blues days.

A final note on the Big Stooshie Festival this weekend as travelling north comes Silverbox from London where they are based. However it should be noted this can be considered a homecoming as vocalist John Wyse is from Kirkcaldy but now making a name for himself in the big city. They have a big sound too with thundering drums leading the way over rock guitar with a commanding voice from John.

They last played in Fife in September last year with a sell out show at the Greenside in Leslie but now have a five-track EP showcase which they will perform next Sunday and this includes Anomaly which sounds like your favourite American rock classic while Oblivion gets much harder in stadium fashion with solid distorted guitar dominating. Still gaining fans and surely on their way to a major record deal?