Toddler’s burn trauma inspires campaign

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A LEVEN councillor and his wife are campaigning to improve boiler safety, after their two-year-old son was left scarred for life when he was scalded by a hot water tap.

Alistair and Victoria Hunter’s son Logan suffered severe burns to his hands and body and has endured five surgeries, including two skin grafts, since the trauma at the family’s Leven home.

The accident took place while Victoria was giving her son a quick wash in their utility room sink, following a potty-training mishap.

Victoria turned around briefly to check on her other son Fyfe, who had tripped – and in those few seconds, Logan turned on the hot water.

Logan started screaming and Victoria immediately turned off the tap but, in the second or two that Logan’s skin had been exposed to the water, he suffered severe burns to 11 per cent of his body.

Although the company which made the Hunters’ boiler said it was working to ‘expected parameters’, a test following the accident recorded a water temperature of 74C, six degrees hotter than a freshly poured cup of tea.

Although Cllr Hunter says Logan is now doing much better, the toddler will need to continue wearing high-compression bandages for 23 hours a day for another year to 18 months – while he remains scared of water.

The Hunters are now campaigning for changes to safety regulations and legislation which they hope will prevent similar incidents.

Cllr Hunter said: “Scottish Gas carries out an annual check on boilers every year but checking water temperature isn’t part of this service.

“It would take 30 seconds to check the temperature, then families could be made aware of the risks and, if necessary, devices to moderate the temperature could be installed.”

Lucy Coyle of Scottish Gas said: “Safety is our number one priority.

“We are very sorry to hear of the Hunters’ little boy’s accident.

“After Mr Hunter told us of the suspected faulty thermostat, we visited his home and involved the boiler manufacturer in the diagnosis and solution.”

Ms Coyle added: “We are meeting with Mr Hunter in the next few weeks to discuss his specific concerns.

“Our experienced engineers are always happy to give the best possible safety advice to customers.”