Trauma Teddies help break barriers between children and police

Lauren Moffat and Dave Roy with the Trauma Teddies.
Lauren Moffat and Dave Roy with the Trauma Teddies.

Lauren Moffat, a senior support worker with Kingdom Support and Care in Collydean, has been busy knitting Trauma Teddies to help police officers calm young children.

Lauren, along with her mother in-law Catherine Moffat and friends, have so far knitted more than 30 of the cute bears, which are made to a special design.

Laura said: “Each one of them is unique, they all have their own little characters. We enjoy knitting the teddies and it’s great to think that they can be put to such a good use.”

The innovative scheme, which originated with Australian fire fighters, has become popular across Scotland as a way of breaking down barriers between children and police officers.

Thanking Lauren and her friends, Kingdom’s health and safety officer, Dave Roy, said: “The Kingdom Trauma Teddies will have a positive impact on young people who come into contact with the police and we’re delighted to be working in partnership with Police Scotland and able to assist with the initiative.

“The teddies will give that wee bit of comfort at a time when children may have experienced something that is a bit traumatic. It could be that they have been involved in a road accident or been lost in a public place. We would like to thank everyone who contributed towards this.”