TV crews head for north east Fife in search of the wordly wise

BBC producers are heading to St Andrews soon in search of inspiring people for a brand new TV series.

They’re on the lookout for local characters with significant life experience who could provide advice and insight to other.

They are seeking groups and individuals who could help someone going through a pivotal moment in their lives - whether it’s becoming a parent, getting married or changing careers.

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“The series is inspired by the idea that in our hectic modern lives many individuals find themselves out of touch with wisdom that has helped others for centuries,” explained a spokesman.

“It seems people are more likely to turn to Google with their problems than ask a grandparent, religious leader or respected community member.

“The casting team are looking for great characters who can be positive role models with their own opinions and insight.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to be part of a major heart-warming TV series.

“If you or someone you know could be invaluable at helping those during an important time in their lives, get in touch with the casting team at [email protected].”