Uni hosts battle of the sexes!

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THE University of St Andrews is to host a ‘battle of the sexes’ next month when experts will reveal what makes us tick!

As part of the Fife Science Festival (March 11-20), university scientists Dr Sue Healy and Dr David Shuker will host a free public lecture on Monday, March 14, from 7.30pm-9.30pm.

The ‘Battle of the Sexes’ has been a cliché in literature for centuries.

However, scientists too have become interested in differences between males and females.

For instance, why do males and females look and behave in different ways?

How do those differences evolve? And how do they influence conflicts of interest between males and females?


In two lectures, Drs Healy and Shuker will discuss whether males and females really are so different and ask whether sexual relationships in humans and other animals are best considered co-operative or confrontational.

Two individual lectures will discuss the nature and extent of differences between males and females in terms of their cognitive abilities and sexual behaviour.

The biologists will use examples from various different animals to make us think about our own battle of the sexes and if it really is such a battle after all.

There will be time after both lectures for questions and discussion.

The lecture evening will be held at the Medical and Biological Sciences Building, University of St Andrews, North Haugh, St Andrews.

Funded by the Scottish Government, the Fife Science Festival will involve a diverse range of events for schools, the general public and professionals.

The event, led by Dundee Science Centre on the back of last year’s Dundee Science Festival, will run in parallel with the National Science and Engineering Week (March 11-20).


The university will also host a free, family fun day on Saturday, March 12, while on Saturday, March 19, there will be an open day at the Bell Pettigrew Museum, including a junior art competition offering prizes in return for children drawing their favourite animal in the museum. All of the university’s events are free of charge.

Anyone wanting more information about the festival should visit www.fifesciencefestival.org.uk

The Fife Herald and St Andrews Citizen are media partners of the Fife Science Festival.