University golf club reaches £5K target for charity

Raising funds for Scottish Disability Golf and Curling and Prostate Cancer UK, the University of St Andrews Men's Golf Club managed to drive a golf ball some 874 miles and reached their £5000 charity target.

The club’s Josh Hopkins said: “We smashed the time allocated by over three hours and our fund target was reached relatively easily, with the help of our friends and supporters around the UK. We can’t thank everyone enough.”

Andrew Bentley, manager & PGA pro at the St Andrews Indoor Golf Centre, said: “ We were proud to support this venture by hosting it and allowing the use of our three Trackman bays. This was a great effort by everyone involved.”

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Each charity received received £2378.07, once the Just Giving fees had been subtracted from the total.

Les McConachie (above) and James Gale MBE are pictured collecting the cheques from the students.

Prior to the fundraiser, the students were set a challenge to attempt to illustrate how disabled people successfully overcome the barriers in playing a sport such as golf.

They were blindfolded for several shots and also attempted to strike the ball using just one arm on the club.

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