Victoria Hospital staff raising money

Security guard Gary Lumsden is raising money.
Security guard Gary Lumsden is raising money.

Staff at Victoria Hospital are raising money to refurbish a patient day room.

Gary Lumsden, a security guard at the hospital, will be running up and down one of the tower blocks – 12 flights of stairs – 50 times in a bid to raise funds.

At the moment the room only has one table, a few chairs and some brick a brac, such as books and magazines.

All the money donated will be used to refurbish the day room and give patients more things to do.

Louise Apps, a member of staff at Victoria Hospital, said it’s important patients are supported at this time of year.

She said: “Hospital is not a nice place at the best of times, never mind Christmas, and our patients stay with us for a good while before we are certain we have support in place for them leaving.

“We get to know and love our patients so we feel it is important to do this.”

If you wish to donate for Gary’s fundraiser, you can do so at