Video: Town centre show sheds some light on history of Glenrothes

It has been a year of celebration for Glenrothes as the town marks 70 years.

A successful book festival, birthday party and film festival have all taken place, helping locals to celebrate a special milestone for the 'new town'.

Project 70 celebrated the town's history and art links

Project 70 celebrated the town's history and art links

And on Saturday, the events continued with a stunning projection and music show in the town centre, entitled Project70.

Using the side of Kingdom House as a canvas, Double Take Projections brought the town's history to life, showcasing old photographs and local art projects alongside music and the spoken word.

Speaking on the night, project creator Aaron Andrews said, despite the weather, over 100 people turned out to watch the show, and admitted working on the project had given him a new perspective on his home town.

The 70th events continue this weekend and next at the Kingdom Centre where a special exhibition on the work of town artist David Harding will take place.