Volunteers needed to help save Burntisland Civic Week

The Natural World was the theme for this parade in 2013. Pics by Michael Booth
The Natural World was the theme for this parade in 2013. Pics by Michael Booth

The traditional Burntisland Civic Week in June might not happen – unless more volunteers can be found to help organise it.

Following numerous appeals over the past year for people to step forward to help run the event, the current committee of five is still struggling to find people willing to get involved.

The Four Seasons was last year's parade theme

The Four Seasons was last year's parade theme

And Morna Beuzeval, the chairman, who has led the committee for the past six years, says she feels it is time to move on, and is appealing for anyone interested to come along to the group’s AGM this weekend to find out more.

“We have been appealing for help from people who would like to take over for over a year now and although we have had a few say they are interested, we need more to ensure it can keep going.

“We hope those who have approached us turn up at the AGM on Sunday or else it could spell the end for the Civic Week, which would be a real tragedy.

“None of us have small children any more and we have kept this going for a good few years, so it would be good to pass this on to people who have children who will benefit from it.

“The more people who come along the easier it will be.”

Likewise Wendy Hawthorne, who has done the group’s PR for the same time, says she wants to take a step back, although those who are retiring are willing to continue to offer help to new volunteers.

“Several of us announced at last year’s AGM that we intended to step down, and we have had events where people have put their names forward, most recently at a school open day back around December, but they seem to have disappeared,” she said.

“If it was forced to stop, people would definitely miss it, but we all have other things on our plates.”

Last year’s event was even bigger and better than before, with the return of the raft race to the programme after a break of 25 years, which proved a hit with competitors and spectators alike.

This year’s civic week is due to take place from June 17, and the committee is now making one final appeal for people who wish to see it continuing to come along to the AGM at The Sands Hotel in Burntisland on Sunday from 2pm.