Windygates woman raises money to beat cancer

Jacqueline Dupuy has raised over �3000 for Victoria Hospital.
Jacqueline Dupuy has raised over �3000 for Victoria Hospital.

A Windygates woman suffering from breast cancer has raised over £3000 for Victoria Hospital.

Jacqueline Dupuy (55) received support from family, friends and local businesses, as she sought to raise enough money to purchase a bladder scanner for Ward 34, where she has been receiving treatment.

Jacqueline started raising money for the ward after realising the patients had nothing to do.

“I was talking to the nurses and there’s nothing for people to do,” she said.

“Folk were just sitting and looking out of the window, When I got back I asked friends if they could donate cards and games and I ended up taking a load of stuff.”

Jacqueline also realised the ward was desperate for a bladder scanner, as there were just three at the hospital.

She held a spiritual charity night with two mediums at the Douglas Arms in Methilhill, putting on a tombola and a raffle, which was a success in part due to the generosity of local businesses.

Jacqueline explained: “Shops donated biscuits and bottles of wine. A florist in Leven donated a £20 gift voucher and a hair-dresser donated a free cut-and-blow-dry.

“It was a succesful night. We ended up with about 100 people turning up.”

A £300 donation from BiFab and another from Diageo increased the fund and the sum also received a boost from a friend.

“Senga Ramzi, whose husband Tarek died a few years ago from cancer, donated £1000 from her own pocket after I told her that the hospital was desperate for a bladder scanner,” Jacqueline explained.

“There’s only three in the hospital so they’ve got to borrow it from another ward. When I got out Senga said she had a cheque for £1000 waiting for me.”

After being involved in a car crash five years ago, Jacqueline was forced to get a hip replacement. However, complications from the procedure meant she had to return to hospital three years later, and it was during one appointment that she was told to have her cough checked out.

“They thought it might be an infection,” she explained.

“It turned out to be breast cancer. Surgery dealt with the leg issues although I do have some nerve damage – at least I’m not in a wheelchair.

“After that I got pnuemonia. Then when I went to hospital they accidently overdosed me with morphine. You’ve got to laugh.”

The success of the fundraising campaign has been a boost to both the hospital and Jacqueline.

She admitted: “It’s taken the focus off me and helped other people. It’s going to make a difference to the ward and the patients – the hospital even sent me a letter thanking me.”