Winning chef turns back on city for north east Fife

Chef Jamie Scott outside the Newport. (Picture by Alan Richardson.)
Chef Jamie Scott outside the Newport. (Picture by Alan Richardson.)

The proof of the pudding will be in the eating with top St Andrews chef Jamie Scott’s new venture.

Although originally from across the Tay, the current Mastetchef: The Professionals winner has chosen Newport-on-Tay as the location for his very first restaurant.

Jamie, who won the title last December, is transforming part of the former Newport Hotel in High Street into a top-class restaurant and bar.

Jamie (27), who has been head chef at The Rocca for more than three years, is to spend more than £50,000 fitting out the kitchen alone, which he has designed to meet his own spec.

He and wife Kelly (26) will run the restaurant together, with Jamie overseeing the kitchen and Kelly managing front of house.

He said the choice of Newport for the venture had as much to do with the view of Dundee and the impending V&A as with the Fife town itself, although he reckons the area is ripe for another top destination for foodies.

“I want to make Newport a favourite destination for people from all over, Dundee, Fife, Newburgh, Perth, even Aberdeen and Edinburgh,” said Jamie.

“I think this area needs that. We were looking very seriously at Dundee and also in Fife. Working in St Andrews I know there is a big customer base from all over.”

Jamie said he had been considering opening his own place for the past 16 months and he was excited about seeing it come together.

“Right from the start when you work in a place you want your own kitchen and with this we’re starting completely from scratch,” he added.

It will be a 60-seat restaurant, which will be open by early 2016, will be be modern Scottish in terms of cooking style, with lots of small dishes.