A walk-in wardrobe, Smeg fridge – and a CLEANER are modern ‘status symbols’, according to Brits

Researchers who polled 2,000 adults in the UK identified the must-have items to stay one step ahead of the Joneses, including the latest iPhone 12 and a fancy car.

Other must-have material goods include electric gates at home, and Louis Vuitton luggage.

It also emerged that one in seven think having a range or Aga cooker is a sign you’ve made it in life, while a fifth think having a personal trainer is a huge statement.

Commissioned by Lottoland.co.uk in conjunction with its Best Ever Black Friday offers, the study also found those polled most hope to get a discounted iPhone 12 this November 27.

Close behind are the Playstation 5, the latest iPad and a TV bigger than 65 inches.

A spokesman for Lottoland said: “Bit by bit, we try to build ourselves what we think is the ‘perfect’ life.

“From posh cars to top cleaning kit, we’re always hoping to find deals and discounts on luxury and so it’s no surprise that people gear up for Black Friday spending every year.

“We’re hoping that our offers give shoppers the chance to cross off their entire wish-list this year, but what’s lovely to see is that our research found lots of people are happy with plain, everyday belongings as long as they have their health and their family.”

The average Brit reckons they own four modern status symbols – although one in eight believe they have more than 10.

And while 76 per cent claim they aren’t bothered about owning items they consider to be status symbols, 14 per cent admitted this is ‘important’ to them.

Almost half (47 per cent) also said owning something others might be envious of makes them feel more confident.

Another 41 per cent want others to know they are doing well financially and see expensive goods as a shortcut to letting people know.

But a quarter have even spent money they don’t really have, on a luxury item to feel proud about.

More than one in 10 (12 per cent) have borrowed a posh watch, handbag or even a car from someone else to show off at a one-off event, according to the OnePoll figures.

And one in five Brits admitted that buying fancy items makes them happy.

Lottoland’s spokesman added: “If something makes you happy, then that’s all that matters. For some people, having their own pool or a holiday home in the Algarve is where they’d like to put their cash and for others it might be home comforts.

“However the perfect life might look, we’re hoping to give some of our lucky players the chance to buy it this Black Friday.”

Head to www.lottoland.co.uk to see the full range of Best Ever Black Friday offers this 23rd – 30th November.

THE TOP 50 MODERN STATUS SYMBOLS1. A high-performance car (such as a Range Rover, Porsche or Ferrari)2. A designer watch (Rolex, Cartier, Tag or Omega etc)3. Your children go to private or boarding school4. Swimming pool in your home5. A second home6. A holiday home abroad7. An electric car like a Tesla8. You fly or travel in first or business class9. A home with electric gates10. Tennis courts at home11. An iPhone 1212. A nanny13. Louis Vuitton luggage14. A personal trainer15. A wine cellar16. A walk-in wardrobe17. A pond big enough to be called a ‘lake’ in the garden18. A hot tub/Jacuzzi19. A pair of Christian Louboutin shoes20. A Mulberry handbag21. A gardener22. A Prada handbag23. You have a membership at a member’s only club or bar24. A cleaner25. A TV bigger than 65 inches26. A personal number plate27. A membership at an exclusive gym28. A Range or Aga cooker29. Two or more cars30. You wear diamond jewellery31. A good knowledge of wine32. A home yoga studio33. A season ticket holder at a Premier League football club34. You drink champagne regularly35. An expensive road bike36. Brand new Playstation 537. You travel in taxis rather than on the bus or tube38. A Peloton39. You own a rare breed of dog40. A Smeg fridge41. Apple Airpods42. A dog walker43. A coffee machine44. A double-barrelled surname45. iPad/tablet46. A weekly blow-dry47. Manicured nails48. Fitness tracker watch (e.g Fitbit, Garmin)49. XBox Series X50. More than one Amazon Echo/Alexa device