Fully funded employee upskilling courses available now from the University Dundee

Develop your own skills, or the skills of your workforce, with the University of Dundee’s Graduate Apprenticeship Programme. Find out more

With the University of Dundee’s fully funded Graduate Apprenticeship Programme, businesses can develop the skills of current or new employees of all ages, and at no additional cost.

Five fully-funded honours degree courses are available to eligible employees of all career levels, allowing employers to develop employees from across their business.

Employees spend one day per week on campus and the remainder of the week working in their role. At the end of four years, they can leave with a full honours degree, benefiting both the employee and the employer.

Who is eligible?

The programme is open to candidates of all ages, providing they currently live and work in Scotland full time and meet the entry requirements.

And while it’s called the Graduate Apprenticeship Programme, candidates don’t have to be either. Instead, employees balance their own full-time work role, with the full support of their employer, who allows them to attend the university one day per week. Employees are also required to undertake around 7-9 hours of additional study per week (in their own time).

What are the benefits to the firm?

Developing existing staff, with all their in-house experience and knowledge of the business, is seen as an investment for most companies. As the places are fully funded it’s an incredible opportunity to help your team members’ continual professional development, and to bring fresh skills back into the business.

Benefits to the student

It’s a chance to learn at one of the UK’s top 30 universities, without incurring any student debt.

The courses are designed by industry, for industry – so you can be confident that what you learn is relevant, and right for the job you're in. Every application is treated on an individual basis, so the job you are in and how your chosen course would match your skills need will be taken into account.

Plus, you can leave with a full honours degree!

When does it start?

The four-year courses will begin this September. The day students spend on campus is Monday in the first year, Tuesday in the second, Wednesday in the third, and Thursday in the fourth, and employers must commit to allowing their employee time to attend each week throughout term time, while still being paid.

What courses are available?

There are five degree courses starting in September 2024.

What do former students say?

Former student Katherine Thomson described it as “really the best of both worlds.”

Christian Williams says the course gave him immediate skills which he put to good use. “I’ve developed a lot during my Graduate Apprenticeship, including a promotion to business development manager and gaining confidence in areas like public speaking. I’ve been lecturing on sustainability at Dundee and Abertay universities, something I wouldn’t have believed that I could do before.”

If you would like to find out how your business can benefit from the Graduate Apprenticeship programme please email Wayne at [email protected] or find out more at www.dundee.ac.uk/graduate-apprenticeships