Huawei reveals UK's biggest phobias: A third of British adults admit they are afraid of the dark

Huawei, the world’s second largest smartphone manufacturer, today released research unveiling that almost a third (28%) of Britons are afraid of the dark. The research, based on responses from 2,000 adults across the UK, was commissioned to mark the launch of Huawei’s latest P30 Series – smartphones packed with revolutionary technology to help you capture incredible photos in every scenario (even in darkness).

When it comes to Nyctophobia, not knowing what is lurking nearby (54%), feeling vulnerable and exposed (43%), and suffering from an overactive imagination (25%) were the top reasons for why Britons are crippled by a fear of darkness.

Furthermore, 1 in 6 Brits (16%) said that they don’t like sleeping outside of the duvet and get frightened by small sounds at night, while 1 in 7 (13%) said they are too scared to be in the house alone at night-time. Overall, the survey revealed the UK’s biggest phobias as a fear of heights (acrophobia) and a fear of spiders (arachnophobia).

Top 5 Reasons Why Brits Are Afraid of the Dark1. They don’t know what’s lurking nearby (54%)2. It leaves them feeling vulnerable and exposed (42%)3. They have an overactive imagination (36%)4. They believe in the supernatural (25%)5. It’s a loss of control (17%)

Justin Costello, Marketing Director UK and Ireland of Huawei Technologies UK said: “Featuring a revolutionary Leica Quad Camera System and incredible low light capabilities, the Huawei P30 Series is rewriting the rules of photography – now you can even take photos in the dark. The Huawei SuperSpectrum Sensor in the devices enables spectacular low-light video capture, so night scenes appear bright and highly detailed. With it’s phenomenal low-light capabilities the P30 Series is setting a new benchmark for night-time photography.”

Pic: shot on the Huawei P30 Pro