£1.3m facelift for Tayport Primary

Douglas Chapman
Douglas Chapman

TAYPORT Primary School is in line for a major refurbishment with an estimated £1.3 million due to be spent removing the current modular dining unit and replacing it with a new gym hall.

One of the school’s smaller halls will be converted into a new dining hall that can also be used for other school activities.

The work is being carried out as part of Fife Council’s programme of investment in school buildings.

Councillor Douglas Chapman, chair of the education and children’s services committee, said: “We realise that the learning environment plays a huge role in improving standards and through our £126 million Building Fife’s Future programme we are delivering six new schools in Fife, one of which has already opened and is seen to be pioneering in its design and green credentials.

“Part of our drive to improve the learning and teaching environments has also been to see the removal of temporary buildings which are very often impractical, obsolete and far from energy efficient.

”Over the last three years we have invested nearly £6 million to provide alternative permanent accommodation where needed to replace these outdated huts.

“£100,000 of this investment was spent in removing our surplus huts across Fife.”