£10,000 donation to children’s charity

Hope Patrick presents the cheque to Gaye Steel.
Hope Patrick presents the cheque to Gaye Steel.

An East Neuk couple who inherited a charitable trust have said they were delighted to donated £10,000 to TCCL Lodge.

Andrew and Margaret Patrick, who live in St Monans, were left in charge of the Vassie Charity Trust, after Andrew’s aunt Elsa Vassie died.

Her husband, also Andrew, had run an engineering factory in Hertfordshire, and she took over running it after his death.

When Elsa died in the late 1980s the factory was sold and the proceeds put into a trust which Andrew Patrick was to run.

Over the years the trust has helped many registered charities and after reading about Tayside Children with Cancer and Leukaemia’s TCCL Lodge campaign in the Citizen - and having a friend who lost her grandson to cancer - Margaret Vassie made contact with the charity.

Explaining that two years ago they decided all donations should be to children’s charities, Margaret said she believes TCCL’s aim of opening of a holiday home for children with cancer and their families, fitted the bill.

“We are delighted to help and know that this house will benefit lots of families. I have a friend who lost a young grandson to cancer and TCCL helped the family both during his illness and afterwards.

“Over the years we have selected a number of charities to donate to and I have done a bit of research on TCCL and we feel this money will really make a difference.”

Margaret went on to explain that her grand-daughter Hope Patrick, from Colinsburg, will eventually take over the running of the Vassie Charity Trust, and because of this she wanted her to present the cheque to TCCL Lodge’s trustee and committee member Gaye Steel.

Hope said: “I am really pleased to be able to give the money to a local children’s charity which has been working so hard to fundraise to buy the house and renovate it so families can benefit from it.”

The 19-year-old is currently studying admin and IT at Fife College and hopes to move on to do a degree in legal studies at Robert Gordon University soon.

Receiving the cheque at the Fife Herald office last week, Gaye Steel said she was delighted by the family’s generosity and assured them every penny will be spent wisely.

“We still have a lot to do to the inside of the house and this money will enable us not just to do one room but probably quite a few.

“We are very, very grateful to the Margaret, Andrew and hope for their donation and pleased that the Vassie Charity Trust wanted to support TCCL Lodge.”

To donate visit the website www.tccl-lodge.org.uk

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