100 voices, 100 days before biggest vote

September 18 is the date of the referendum
September 18 is the date of the referendum
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FFP launches its referendum countdown with an invite to have your say ...

The debate has been going on for over 18 months, and while the opinion polls have narrowed, the only one that really matters won’t take place until Thursday, September 18.

On that day, Scots will determine the destiny of their country.

It’s a moment in history; a chance to shape our country for generations to come.

And since it is the people who will decide, the Fife Free Press will mark the 100-day countdown to the big vote by inviting 100 local people to give their views on the referendum.

It won’t feature a single politician or spin doctor - simply people you know, work with, live next to or socialise with on how they intend to vote on September 18, whether that is a yes or a no.

It’s also open to people who may have changed their views ... and even those who have yet to fully decide.

The politicians will have to step aside from the spotlight for once as we give voters the opportunity to hear their voices.

Since launching 100 Voices online at www.fifetoday.co.uk - our website - we have had an excellent response, but there is still plenty time to join and be part of a unique feature.

Our 100 Voices will appear on June 12 - 100 days before the September vote - but by launching it now we hope to attract as wide a cross-section of local views as possible; from first-time schoolkids who can vote aged 16 to folk who have been taking part in elections and past referenda, all of their lives.

Each of our 100 voices will have the opportunity to explain why they are voting yes or no - or why they have changed their mind or even if the remain undecided.

It’s your vote, your voice.

The short piece will be accompanied by a picture of you together with some brief biographical details.

There is absolutely no charge for taking part.

If you would like to be involved or know more about 100 Voices, please email me at allan.crow@jpress.co.uk or call (01592) 598801 or tweet me @fifefreepressed.

My thanks to all who have already volunteered - our next task is to fill all 100 places and create the single biggest voice on the independence debate to appear in print in Fife this year.

It will also mark the start of a series of features on the September vote as we gear up for a historic decision.

The aim is to give our readers all the information they need before casting their vote on September 18.

It’s a truly historic moment for our country - so let your voice be heard.