£12k project to block off trouble spot

Graeme Kinmond
Graeme Kinmond

A TROUBLESOME patch of land between Methil’s Kirkland Gardens and Methil Brae is to be closed off in an attempt to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in the area.

In a project similar to one carried out in Maple Gardens in 2010, the pend which links the two streets will be blocked to stop people congregating.

Councillors of the Levenmouth area committee agreed to provide £6000 in funding for the project, which has a total cost of £12,000.

In a report, Michael Enston, Fife Council’s executive director of corporate services, said: “The analysis found that problems around the pend area mainly related to petty assault, breach of the peace, vandalism and malicious mischief.

“Community officers have spoken to residents either side of the pend.

“The majority of the properties want the pend closed, despite the impact on foot access to Methil Brae, and analysis suggested that closure would have a significant effect on the community’s fear of crime and perceptions of safety.”

Chief Inspector Graeme Kinmond told councillors the Maple Gardens project was “very successful” and added it should be easier to implement the changes at Kirkland Walk as the land is owned wholly by the council.

CI Kinmond added the pends would be closed off with screw metal fencing, screened with wooden fencing, and residents would effectively get bigger gardens.