150 bags of rubbish as Pettycur beach gets spring clean

The clean up crew tackling the rubbish on the beach
The clean up crew tackling the rubbish on the beach

Local residents teamed up with Kinghorn and Burntisland Community Council on Sunday to give the wilder parts of Pettycur Bay a spring clean.

Staff and volunteers from Fife Coast and Countryside Trust and the Co-op also joined the clean up crew in picking up litter and debris left behind on the beach including plastic, old tyres, rope ends and all sorts of other rubbish that had been washed up by the waves over the years.

As the area is cut off by the tide for half the time, a clean up was never really considered until a local Pettycur resident, Pete Rogers, asked Kinghorn Community Council what could be done.

Burntisland Community Council, the local Co-op store staff, elected members and voluntary groups including Kinghorn in Bloom, came together to tackle the issue.

Robbie Blyth, beach and coastal officer for the Fife Coast and Countryside Trust said, “This was a Herculean volunteer effort.

“Three truck trips took 150 bags of rubbish away and lots of old tyres, industrial rubbish, broken fishing gear and even an abandoned bike. Some thirty volunteers walked in from Pettycur and Burntisland to find a sea of plastic bottles and waste.

“But after two hours clearing it up, this relatively remote beach is back to being a beautiful sand dune wilderness.”

Alex MacDonald, chair of Burntisland Community Council, was pleased at the large turnout: “This is the latest in a string of clean-up events which we’ve supported.

“It was an excellent overall result at this beautiful spot which is shared by people from Burntisland and Kinghorn alike.”

Thanks to the clean up, Fife Coast and Countryside Trust will include the dunes in a new low tide route for the Fife Coastal Path and will be putting in place a maintenance plan to stop the dunes falling into such a sorry state again.

The community councils aim to encourage local volunteers and casual walkers to help play a part in future.