150 sign up to bus petitition: Glenrothes number 39

The number 39 bus service in Glenrothes
The number 39 bus service in Glenrothes

DISGRUNTLED residents angered by the recent changes to the 39 bus route have demonstrated the strength of feeling by handing in a 150 signature petition to Stagecoach officials reports, NEIL HENDERSON.

Locals have branded the changes ‘a disaster’ and are urging bosses to overturn the amended service which was introduced in February.

The revised number 39 service, which mean passengers can travel to Glenrothes Bus Station but can’t get dropped off at Roxborough Avenue on the return leg, has proved particularly difficult for those families living in Macedonia.

A list of specific issues including fare increases, a longer journey time and the lack of a public consultation also accompanied the petition. The organisers want signatures to be considered as individual letters of complaint from each of those who have signed in protest.