20 jobs as Tesco finally checks in to Glenrothes

Tesco will open in Glenrothes
Tesco will open in Glenrothes

Supermarket giant Tesco has comfirmed that it is to open an express store in Glenrothes later this month.

The new store, which will be situated at the Glenwood Shopping Centre in the west of the town will create approximately 20 new jobs when it opens its doors to customers on February 27.

A media spokesman for Tesco Stores said: “I can confirm that Tesco will be opening an express store in Glenrothes in the near future.

“Everything is on track for the new store to open on Friday, February 27 at, I believe, the Glenwood shopping area in the town.

“Our new express store is set to create close to 20 jobs within the community.”

Tesco came under fire in 2013 when it pulled out of a major deal to build a superstore on a site which included North Street in the town but could have seen the CISWO and YMCA being knocked down and replaced with the supermarket.

The final decision put an end to a decade long speculation on whether Glenrothes would see a store in the future.

At the time, a Tesco corporate affairs spokesman issued a statement saying: “We have made the decision not to proceed with a new store in Glenrothes.

“This was a difficult decision and one not taken lightly, we have undertaken a detailed review of all our new store requirements in the area and decision is made in light of the current economic climate and changing shopping habits.

Despite the back and forth over whether Tesco would come to Glenrothes in the past, Councillor Altany Craik, chairman of Glenrothes Area Committee, welcomed the news that the town is set to finally get its Tesco store after more than 10 years.

He said: “I welcome the news that the retail giant is soon to open in the town.

“Any regeneration in that area of Glenrothes will be a of a great benefit to the local people that live in the nearby communities.

“The extra jobs that the store brings with it is also a bonus,” Cllr Craik continued.

“I am hopeful that the local people in the community will be able to take up the positions that the store throws up.

“I welcome the supermarket and I do see it as a positive step in the right direction for the regeneration of Glenrothes.

“It is a huge boost to the people who live here,” he added.