20 mph limit to be extended through Kinghorn

A 20 mph zone is to be extended through Kinghorn on the A921
A 20 mph zone is to be extended through Kinghorn on the A921

A 20 mph speed limit is to be extended right through Kinghorn’s main street, despite objections that it was not necessary.

Councillors decided it would be of benefit to lower the existing 30 mph limit after hearing from local members that traffic regularly sped through the village, and that, at the raised crossing, vehicles were often seen “taking off” because of the speed at which they were travelling.

At the Kirkcaldy area committee last week, councillors heard two objections had been lodged to the extension, but one, claiming that bus fares could rise as a result of a lower speed limit, had been discounted.

The other said there was no justification for the lower limit and it could not be effectively enforced.

Ian B. Smith, lead professional for traffic management, said the request for it to be extended through the village came about following discussions with the Community Council.

He said 20 mph zones were regularly enforced by police and the Fife Safety Camera Partnership.

Councillor Neil Crooks, who lives in Kinghorn, said: “I have seen vehicles with four wheels off the ground as drivers go over the raised crossing on the High Street. It is not an uncommon sight.”

After assurances that any future traffic calming measures would be brought back to the committee, members agreed unanimously to extend the 20 mph zone.