2100-mile cycle ends at the Black Sea

Glenrothes GP Jonathan Paisley and friend Ally O’Brien cycled 2100 miles through eight countries and have raised over £4,000 for charity.

The pair recently returned home after cycling from Amsterdam on the North Sea to Constanta on the Black Sea in Romania in aid of charities Crossroads Fife and Friendship International’s Scottish branch.

The route, which followed five rivers, including the Rhine and Danube, took the friends 32 days to complete.

Jonathan, who works as a GP in Glenrothes, said: “It’s difficult to know where to start as we have so many good memories.

“We didn’t have any tumbles off the bikes.

‘‘We did however incur the wrath of the German police by going through a red light.

“We were stopped, passports checked by the Polizei and allowed to progress after convincing them we were colour blind.

‘‘Actually I did think of using that excuse but it would not have appealed to their sense of humour.

“Ally’s bike required two replacement wheels, however his luck changed dramatically after we found a horseshoe on the road and he strapped it to his bike.

“Cycling through the Danube gorge in Romania was spectacular.

“The roads were very quiet.

‘‘We were as likely to see a lizard sunning itself in the middle of the road as traffic.

“The Romanian villages were also superb.

“We were always greeted with a chorus of hello or ola by the youngsters in the village and there would be many who would run down to the roadside for a high five as we passed through.”

The money - just over £4,000 has been raised so far - will be split between Crossroads Fife, which aims to help relieve stress on those who care for people of any age with all disabilities, while Friendship International’s Scottish branch provides support for disadvantaged children in Romania.

Jonathan added: “I think we would do something similar again, although our families and work colleagues might not approve.”