2Fife 2Furious - Take 2! Kirkcaldy esplanade closes to host around 2000 cars

2Fife2Furious organisers Colin Neilson & Malcolm Ritchie of Team VIP promote the 2014 even. Pic: FPA
2Fife2Furious organisers Colin Neilson & Malcolm Ritchie of Team VIP promote the 2014 even. Pic: FPA

Gleaming paintwork, high octane antics and an incredible top gear atmosphere are expected to descend on the Esplanade this weekend.

Around 2000 car owners from across Scotland and northern England have pledged to visit Kirkcaldy on Saturday for a 2Fife 2Furious gathering.

And, if last year’s event is anything to go by, that number could easily double...

However, this time around, organisers N/A Nonsense and Team VIP promise a spectacle which is guaranteed to offer something for all visitors, young and old.

Colin Neilson, of Team VIP, said: “After the success of last year (and the fact it was on such short notice) we knew it had to happen again but this time we have worked with the police and local council to organise the road closure and manage the event properly.

“It should be a great event with a lot of local businesses benefitting and taking part. Fun for the whole family is the aim!”

Last year’s event, originally billed as a Fast and Furious-type gathering, took on extra significance when the film’s star Paul Walker died in a car crash in California, just days earlier.

This year’s congregation, although less spontaneous, features even more entertainment packed into a four-hour programme which kicks off at 5.00 p.m.

James Stephen of N/A Nonsense said: “A dozen professional drivers, many of whom are the best in the country and compete in British Drift Championships will be taking part in the drift display at the Basin car park.

“There will also be a show and shine competition, with a trophy to the driver who can make their car gleam and stand out.”

The event will also feature a static display of high-end cars (expect to see Ferraris, Porsches and Aston Martins) alongside celebrated modified cars on the promenade between Lidl’s and Morrisons.

An array of snack vans, including Buffalo Burgers, funfair attractions and trade displays will be there, including stands from McGill Motorsports, AVS Fife and McTavish Motors.

Expect also to see displays from Fife Fire and Scottish Police’s Safe Drive - Stay Alive campaign is expected to feature a ‘blingmobile’ which invites the public to guess which parts of the car have been illegally modified.

“There will also be official 2Fife 2Furious merchandise on sale,” confirmed James.

“We decided not to do that at last year’s event but afterwards fake stickers were being sold on ebay and shady dealers were ripping us off.”

Thanks to facebook fever, 2Fast 2Furious became a ‘monster’ draw for car enthusiasts last December.

The sheer number which arrived took organisers by surprise and they admitted the gathering passed off without major incident thanks only to sheer dumb-luck.

In stark contrast, James Stephen told the Press this weekend’s event had been at least six months in the planning.

“I organise racing events for thousands at Knockhill and that’s easier than this - this has been the most difficult thing to organise because of health and safety rules etc.”

Colin Neilson thanked Bill Harvey at Kirkcaldy4All for his help.

“We’d also like to give a huge thank you to Christine May for all her help and support as without it none of this would be possible,” he added.

Speaking to the Press, Christine May said: “Our message to all those attending is that we want this to be a well-behaved responsible event.

“All drivers who are participating are reminded of their obligation to have their vehicles roadworthy and compliant with legislation.”

Describing the gathering as “significant and spectacular”, she added:”It’s like a major football match - congestion is unavoidable - and there will be disruption, but we will keep it to a minimum.

“Yes, it will be noisy; yes, it will be colourful and, hopefully, it will be great fun!”

Bill Harvey, manager of Kirkcaldy 4All, praised the organisers, saying: “They’ve got their act together in a thoroughly professional manner and have liaised well with all the agencies. I’ve been delighted to be able to help them.”

“Events like this do lift the image of Kirkcaldy and peoples’ perceptions of the town - and maybe even lift and eybrow or two.

“It’s only on for a finite time of five hours or so - a short sharp and hopefully high octane event - so I would ask the community to please support it.”

That’s a sentiment shared by James Stephen who hopes locals give the event a chance to impress - and perhaps become an annual fixture for Kirkcaldy.

“We have a reputation for being ‘bad’,” he said, “but I’d like to stress that we are car enthusiasts, not boy racers.

“It will be a big family event and we would like people to give it a try just once. If they give us a fair chance we will be happy with that.”

Essential advice for visitors/cars

The section of the esplanade normally occupied by the Links market (Morrisons to LIDL) will be closed to through-traffic from 3.00 p.m. until 10.00 p.m.

Organisers have instructed car owners taking part in, or attending the event, to enter Kirkcaldy via the west end of town past Morrisons.

A display of three ‘super’vehicles will be placed at the top of Tolbooth street/high street from noon - 3.00 p.m.

Modified cars expected to be on display or taking part in the drift display at the Basin car park will arrive at 4.00 p.m. Other car drivers are encouraged to park in public spaces further along the promenade and around the town centre, for example Nicol Street and Beveridge Park. The Mercat car park will not be available. Drivers are also asked to avoid Morrisons car park.

The event kicks off at 5.00 p.m. and will continue until 9.00 p.m.

Organisers aim to disperse the traffic by 10.00 p.m.

Police and volunteer stewards will be in attendance throughout the event.