£3000 deal clinches Buckhaven hall sale

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THE new owner of Buckhaven’s Free Gardner’s Hall has been confirmed by Fife Council.

The Free Gardner’s Hall Steering Group was officially announced last week as being successful, after a selection process saw not-for- profit community groups bid for the College Street venue.

The local authority’s policy, finance and asset management committee held a meeting to rubber stamp the decision which will see the hall transferred under the community ownership scheme.

It is understood the group paid £2760 for the hall, which equates to two per cent of its market value.

The Free Gardner’s Hall was one of nine Fife Council buildings available.

Joe Fitzpatrick, head of local and community services, said: “The community ownership scheme generated a healthy amount of interest in the halls and centres put up for sale and the council would like to thank the groups and organisations who took the time to make a bid.

“This is an exciting opportunity and our aim is to give power to local communities and organisations so they can help manage and control facilities in their own areas as well as develop services and programmes to meet local needs.

“I’m sure the groups which are taking over the ownership of these halls and centres from the council will do a great job and I wish them all the best with their future plans.”

Previously the Free Gardner’s Hall Steering Group stated it planned to renovate the hall over the next couple of years, including splitting it into two levels and building an extension, but its main focus is to provide high quality affordable space for any local group to use.

It is currently seeking groups, who feel they could benefit from using the hall, which it is to be renamed The Beehive, in a bid to create space specific to their needs

Group secretary Linda Judge can be contacted on 01592 591248 or by e-mailing Danalena@blueyonder.co.uk.