3000 Fifers back call for cinema in Kirkcaldy

Campaigning for a cinema in Kirkcaldy are Lesley Laird MP (centre), Councillor Alistair Cameron (right) with  Fiona Sword  from the MP's office.
Campaigning for a cinema in Kirkcaldy are Lesley Laird MP (centre), Councillor Alistair Cameron (right) with Fiona Sword from the MP's office.

Our petition to bring a cinema to Kirkcaldy has now won the backing of over 3000 people.

All the forms which were circulated across the town centre and in Kinghorn, Burntisland and Aberdour have been picked up.

And they demonstrate the overwhelming support for a movie house to be put into the heart of our town centre.

There is a potential site with the old swimming pool next to the Mercat Shopping Centre now demolished.

But it needs an operator.

Our petition was designed not just to push owners, LaSalle Investments, into action, but also to strengthen their hand when speaking to potential cinema operators.

The aim was to demonstrate the level of support they would get in return for their investment – from local people, the business community, the town centre, and politicians who have all spoken in support, and played an active role in getting petitions out to as many places as possible.

But we aren’t finished yet – we are now speaking with people across the town to trigger phase two.

Councillor Alistair Cameron, Kirkcaldy Central, said: “To get 3000 names is fantastic – and thatwas people coming to us, looking to sign.

“We weren’t out every day at schools and colleges to drive it – people took the time to add their names.

“We had great support from retailers and their customers, as well as a number of community groups.

“We know there is a case to bring a cinema to town – now we need to start the next stage.”

In September, Lasalle Investment’s planning application to create a major leisure development where the old pool once stood will finally come before councillors.

Official approval will take the project one major step forward – but the centre’s owners still need to get a cinema operator on board for it to go any further. Vue, whose name was widely touted for Kirkcaldy, are out of the picture.

But there are still potential operators who could be interested.

Added Cllr Cameron: “We need everyone involed to take it forward and present the case for Kirkcaldy, so LaSalle can demonstrate to any operators that this is the best place to come.”

The Press met with Lesley Laird, MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, to discuss the second phase of the campaign in a bid to secure even more signatures on our petition – and how we finalise our message to the shopping centre’s operators.

She also raised one issue with LaSalle that many local folk thought that a cinema WAS already secured – a comment that surfaced regularly during canvassing on the High Street, based on people’s reading of the information boards in the Mercat on the development. Ms Laird added: “My fear is people in Kirkcaldy – who have been calling for cinema for a number of years now – will feel incredibly let down if the project is abandoned without all avenues having been exhausted.”

“A development of this kind is key to kick-starting regeneration of the Mercat, and, arguably, the town centre.”