£36,000 to improve our Kingdom

A NEW £36,000 study which aims to find out how Fife can be promoted to attract more investment, new business and tourism has been launched.

The research exercise, which has just started, will be carried out over the next six months.

It has been commissioned by Fife Council and is being led by the Fife Economy Partnership.

It’s hoped the findings will help to raise the Kingdom’s profile and promote it nationally as a great place to work, visit and invest in.


The study, funded by the Council’s economic development budget, will focus on tourism and inward investment, finding out how external investors and tourists can be targeted.

Interviews will be carried out with key business contacts in the public and private sector as well as major hotel chains to help shape future promotional campaigns.

The move may be seen by some as an unnecessary expense, especially when the local authority has been making major cutbacks.

But Fraser Phillips, chairman of Fife’s Economy Partnership, insists the spending is important.

He said: “Fife’s economic survival and growth depends on attracting private sector jobs to the area.

New business

‘‘This research exercise to promote Fife is all about bringing more investment, new business and tourists to the Kingdom.

“The future of our economy depends on making sure we can attract and sustain new businesses in key sectors like tourism and renewables.

“We look forward to engaging as many people as we can in the process.”

Mr Phillips added that it will attract private sector funding worth £550 million through Invest in Fife.