4G fear for East Neuk

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THE East Neuk could be left in a “digital black hole” as 4G services are rolled out across Scotland.

That was the fear expressed by MSP Roderick Campbell as the communications giant EE announced it planned to introduce the superfast service to Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Mr Campbell, who represents North East Fife, said the rural region suffered very poor internet speeds and mobile phone signals.

“The new 4G service is necessary in North East Fife, however it is essential that existing technologies are improved,” he commented.

“If we must wait until the end of next year before the new 4G service is in place, traditional communication technology must be improved to an acceptable level in the interim, or else we run the risk of being in a digital black hole in this corner of Scotland.

Mr Campbell explained he had been in touch with all the major mobile phone companies and had long-running discussions with BT regarding its broadband delivery.

He said: “The Scottish Government is working hard to ensure everybody has access to faster broadband, and better communications services

“However, private sector companies must also play their part in the process.”

He concluded: “With new technology increasing demand for such a service, particularly in more rural areas where broadband speeds can be intermittent, at best, it is essential that companies like EE improve their delivery and upgrade to areas, such as North East Fife, as soon as possible.”