£50,000 funding gives YMCA film extra bite!

new film from Kdy YMCA film-makers 'Vamplifier'
new film from Kdy YMCA film-makers 'Vamplifier'

A WELCOME £50,000 grant is giving young people at Kirkcaldy YMCA something to really sink their teeth into!

The YM’S new film-making project is one of the first in Scotland to be awarded money from the Lottery’s newly established Young Start Programme, and it’s using some of it to produce a full-length vampire film with a twist.


The programme distributes money from dormant bank accounts to create opportunities for young people aged between eight and 24 to help them realise their potential.

The money will enable Kirkcaldy YMCA to provide the delivery of weekly film, music and media-based projects over the next two years, working with young people to build their skills and confidence.

Participants will also be encouraged to undertake recognised youth achievement awards, furthering their prospects of getting employment.

The young people will learn new skills by using a wide range of IT equipment – cameras, video cameras; editing programmes; audio desks and mixing boards; radio broadcasting systems; portable recorders etc.

Learning or improving their musical skills will also be supported, and young people will be encouraged to work together using different methods, for example young musicians could write and record soundtracks for others involved in film work.

The project will also help increase the literacy skills of young people, through script and lyric writing, narrating stories, preparing and reading radio interviews and film casting.


The YMCA has been working on its first movie-length film, ‘Vamplifier’ since last summer, with the film being shot on location in and around Kirkcaldy.

The production features young people, staff and volunteers from the Kirkcaldy area, including a few well-known faces, including local band members.

Young people from the film and music project have been supported by staff to write and produce the film which is currently in the final stages of editing.