50 shops which have vanished from Kirkcaldy town centre

Montage of Kirkcaldy town centre shops from yesteryear
Montage of Kirkcaldy town centre shops from yesteryear

The changing face of our High Street is clear when you start to list all the names which have disappeared.

Some closed down. others retired, and a few were taken over ... but they are all familiar names which have slowly disappeared from the centre of Kirkcaldy over the past two generations.

A tram on Kirkcaldy High Street

A tram on Kirkcaldy High Street

We’ve listed almost 60 shops - the sad reality is there are many more.

With BHS collapsing into administration there are fears for its future - although the store continues to trade. Kirkcaldy was also the location for the company’s very first shop in Scotland opening in 1964.

In this week’s Fife Free Press we look at the sad demise of that great High Street name, and we’ve collated as roll-call of the shops we’ve lost.

Do you remember ...

Brown’s Bazaar

1 ABC Cinema

2 Green Cockatoo

3 Co-op

4 Wimpy

5 Burger King

6 Merry-go-round

7 Edwin Donaldson

8 Lawley’s

9 Curry’s

10 HMV

11 Argos

12 Olivers

13 Index

14 Buchanan Shoe Shop

15 Global Video

16 Blockbuster Video
17 Littlewoods

18 Comet

19 Tesco

20 Sharp’s

21 Sleeves

22 Intersport

23 Thomson’s ironmongers

24 Arnott’s

25 Suttie Electrical

26 Beveridge’s Store

27 Wm Low

28 Bruce’s Record Shop

29 Chickenshop

30 Radio Forth shop

31 Frank’s Army Store

32 Mentiplay

33 Drysdale’s

34 Winski

35 Fernie’s

36 Safeway

37 McDonald’s

38 Kestrel Kitchens

39 Barnett & Morton

40 Buchanan Shoe Shop

41 Woolworth

42 Woodward’s

43 AK Melvillle

44 Mothercare

45 Fernie’s

46 Suttie’s Electrical,

47 Sang’s

48 The Early Learning Centre

49 Bargain Books

50 Jackie O

51 Presto

52 Goldberg

53 K Shoes

54 Dunn & Co

55 Comet

56 Hepworths

57 Rchard Shops

Which names can you add? Where did you shop? Send your memories of the High Street names to ffpnews@fifetoday.co.uk