700 outside new Next in Kirkcaldy at 6.00 a.m. as shoppers hit sales

Sales were busy again
Sales were busy again

Around 700 shoppers queued outside the new Next superstore in Kirkcaldy on Boxing Day in a bid to pick up a few post Christmas bargains in the sales.

Vincent Brady, manager, told The Press he was amazed at the number of people who flocked to Scotland’s flagship Next store in the Central Retail Park the day after Christmas and as a result, he said most of the sales stock sold out in just a few hours.

He said: “There were around 100 people waiting outside the store at 4.00 a.m when I arrived and when the doors opened at 6.00 a.m. we counted 700!

“For health and safety reasons only 1300 people are allowed in the store so we had to count them going in and there were 700.

“A lot of our sales stock was selling at 50 per cent off or less and we sold so much it ran out.

“It was a weird day especially to see the store full of shoppers at 7.00 a.m.”

He said the biggest sale items were the kidswear as well as winter clothes such as jumpers and jackets. A lot of furniture was also half price.

Vincent said the store was also busy over the Christmas period: “We were very busy in the run up to Christmas, probably because it is a new store. We sold most of our stock before Christmas but we still have another couple of days for the sales.” He added: “It’s been so busy - we have never really stopped.”

Shoppers also headed to stores in Kirkcaldy High Street to try and pick up some bargains.

Some retailers reported that shoppers appeared to be holding off until the last minute to get a good deal.

Tamara Lee, manager at River Island, said there were around 30 shoppers waiting outside the store on Boxing Day for its 8.00 a.m. opening.

She said: “It was quieter in the morning than it has been in previous years but we were very busy in the afternoon. Handbags were probably our biggest seller and we sold out of most of them in the one day.

“We had a good run up to Christmas as many people seemed to be holding out for the sales.”

Meanwhile Fiona Petrie, manager at Waterstone’s, said: “We had a busy couple of days after Christmas but we generally had a good month.

“We found that people were waiting until later in the month to start buying. Our best sellers were Kevin Bridges biography, Ian Rankin’s new collection of short stories and The Broons annual which is always popular.” She added: “It was nice to see the High Street busy.”