£92,000 grant boost for Kirkcaldy Cottage Centre

Nichola (right) with Pauline, will be able to continue her valuable work with vulnerable children. Pic: FPA
Nichola (right) with Pauline, will be able to continue her valuable work with vulnerable children. Pic: FPA

The Cottage Family Centre in Templehall was delighted to be told it had been successful in receiving a grant of almost £92,000.

The cash will enable the centre, which deals with some of the most vulnerable families in Kirkcaldy, to employ a children’s therapeutic worker for the next three years.

Nichola Allison from Kirkcaldy will continue to manage the counselling and therapy team at the centre as well as supporting children who are particularly vulnerable on a one-to-one basis.

The Cottage currently has two therapists, with the other being paid for by the McDonald Trust.

Nichola (46) was previously funded through the National Lottery and was delighted to be told, just weeks before her funding ran out, that the bid to Children in Need had been successful.

She explained: “I work with extremely vulnerable children in the area and through therapeutic play I help them to build their self confidence and self esteem and deal with difficulties they have.

“I might work with 12 children over the course of a week and eight of them will be at risk of being placed, or may already be, on the Child Protection Register.

“Therapeutic play is a very gentle therapy where, instead of sitting talking to them, we engage in play activities, musical activities or arts and crafts where they are encouraged to express their feelings.

“It helps build up trust and a therapeutic relationship where they feel safe to express their emotions. It is all child-centred and led by them, and these are all children who come from very chaotic family lifestyles and who others find it difficult to work with.”

Nichola works with children from birth to 12 years and she and her colleague are the only ones providing this type of unique service in Fife.

“People can rest assured that the money from this grant will be put to good use to help these children,” said Nichola.

Pauline Buchan, service manager at the Cottage, added: “We are absolutely delighted to get this grant which means that Nichola will be able to continue her valuable and vital work with the vulnerable children who are referred to us.

“We couldn’t do the work we do without her.”