A big year for twinning in Levenmouth

Representatives from Levenmouth who visited Bruges for the Christmas market, 2015
Representatives from Levenmouth who visited Bruges for the Christmas market, 2015

Levenmouth Twinning Association is looking forward to a busy year, which will see a new twinning agreement created for the area.

For the second year, representatives from the group travelled to Bruges, France – different from Bruges in Belgium – to take part in the town’s Christmas market.

The group took items from local crafters, local produce and even the Fife Free Press Group Discovering Fife 2016 calendar, all to sell on their own stall for the duration of the market.

Blair Denwette from the group said it was a successful trip, with a lot of interest in the smaller items being sold.

“We found that the French locals really liked the small craft items that could be purchased as stocking fillers, and they really liked the tartan items and things like Scottish tablet and toffees.

“All of the money made at the market went back to the crafters, so it wasn’t money making for us, but it was a great PR exercise because it allowed us the chance to get together with groups from Bruges and meet representatives from the other twin towns.”

Bruges is already linked with Umkirch in Germany and Pollenca in Spain, and locals from both towns were also at the market to sell their wares and even entertain the market-goers with traditional dance (pictured).

This is the third time members of the association have travelled to the French town, which sits near the Bourdeux region, and Blair is clear that things must be done right to ensure the twinning agreement is a success.

“Visiting the town and speaking to groups means we are learning more about them. We can discuss certain things by email but it’s much better to do things face to face.”

Levenmouth is due to be formally twinned with Bruges in the first week of July, and the association now has the task of planning the trip and coming up with fundraising ideas to ensure costs aren’t too high for the 40-50 people who will be taking part in the ceremony.

The Coaltown Daisies will be perfoming, after taking part in the Bruges Music Festival, and it is also hoped there will be representatives there from local sports teams, pipe bands and dance groups.

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