A campus for whole community

Buckhaven High School
Buckhaven High School

Students at the new merged school for Levenmouth will have on-campus access to Fife College facilities, it has been revealed.

John McLaughlin, area education officer at Fife Council, delivered the news at the Levenmouth Area Committee meeting last week.

Speaking to councillors, Mr McLaughlin said: “We have been in serious and complex discussions with Fife College and our target is to bring them on to the campus to deliver a full range of training, skills and employability opportunities.

“The school plan will be added to by a college facility which is available to the full community.”

It is Fife Council’s intention that the new college facility be co-located in close proximity to the school to enable the integration of provision for students aged 15+.

This provision, combined with existing plans, would enable young people to access more courses, wider experiences and opportunities on a single campus than a school on its own would be able to provide.

A local development group was due to have met before now to discuss the plans, however Mr McLaughlin noted that due to delays, this would now take place some time before the Christmas holidays.

He added: “Young people have many choices to make at the senior phase, and while many want to go to university - and we have been connecting with universities more closely - not all young people have aspirations for that. Our rationale from 15 onwards is that there will be real prospects that part of their time could be spent in college. We’re well aware of what employers value in young people... it’s not just about a curriculum choice, it’s about a life choice.”

Councillor John O’Brien welcomed the news, saying it was the “best thing to happen in Levenmouth for 20 years”, but Cllr Hunter said that while he welcomed the plan, councillors could not be “cheerleaders” simply because it was new, and would be asking “the difficult questions” in the coming months.