A crossing too far? St Brycedale plans spark some sharp words

Site of proposed crossing on St Brycedale Road, Kirkcaldy outside the Police Station replacing the dropped kerbs
Site of proposed crossing on St Brycedale Road, Kirkcaldy outside the Police Station replacing the dropped kerbs

A plan by Fife Council to put in a crossing near to the notorious Adam Smith junction has been slammed by a community councillor.

Transportation bosses have tabled a proposal to put a raised crossing point outside Kirkcaldy Police Station on St Brycedale Road to replace the two dropped kerbs that are already there.

But David Henderson, chairman of Kirkcaldy West Community Council has called into question the need for it - and the process behind the proposal.

He said: “This was initially part of a whole series of projects that were announced at a meeting in January.

“I picked up on this as being unwelcome and made my feelings clear to Councillor Judy Hamilton.

“I think there’s a danger to public safety with the crossing being put in at that particular point in the road.

“It’s fairly near the top and it’s inviting people to cross without the protection of a right of way.”

Mr Henderson claims that the new flow of traffic along St Brycedale Road has increased as a direct result of the hugely unpopular traffic lights at the Adam Smith Theatre junction.

“Of course that’s the reason but Transportation won’t admit to that. It’s become part of a rat run which includes Gow Crescent and Sang Road.”

Kirkcaldy Central Councillor Judy Hamilton said that she initially shared Mr Henderson’s concerns but was “reasurred” once she visited the site.

“I went to look with transport officers and saw what they wanted to do.

“I’ve now asked for some leeway on the timescale for discussion so we can discuss the proposal with the Community Council and the community itself.”

Cllr Hamilton denied that the crossing was a result of the Adam Smith lights. “It was a crossing point already, which shows that there is a need for one there,” she said.

“But it needs to be changed and this is simply a more modern and accessible crossing.”

Mr Henderson said that there should be more dialogue with the public before such a proposal is made.

“It shows that there’s something wrong with the due process when they’re just going ahead with this without any discussion,” he said.

“There should be a public consultation on a matter such as this before it goes to councillors

“It’s an insult to the regime of community engagement.”