A disgrace and waste of money

Condoms and litter strewn at the new play area in Cotlands Park, Kennoway.
Condoms and litter strewn at the new play area in Cotlands Park, Kennoway.

An angry Kennoway dad has branded the weekend desecration of a new playpark “an absolute disgrace” and said Fife Council has wasted taxpayers’ money.

William Aitken was shocked to find the relocated play area at Cotlands Park strewn with condoms and broken glass.

Mr Aitken contacted the Mail after visiting the area, pictured, with his five-year-old daughter on Sunday.

He said claims that the new park would be checked were quite clearly not happening.

The area seemed unfinished and untidy, and he believed money had been wasted.

“If you’re putting a new park there, you have to monitor it,” he said. “It’s a children’s play area.”

A nearby shelter was also likely to be used for drinking and taking drugs when it was dark, added Mr Aitken.

However, local councillor David Alexander, while admitting it was “bad news”, believed the incident was likely to be just a one-off, as the area was normally used by people training and playing football most nights.

He said local youngsters had designed and chosen the layout themselves and the play equipment had been moved – in consultation with the police – to a more visible spot, not less so.

Cllr Alexander said the project had cost around £70,000 from the Council’s capital funding.

Community police and wardens would be alerted about the culprits, he added.

“Word will get out – if there is any more of this, they won’t get away with it for long,” he said.